9 Ways to Wear Eggplant and Look Like a Cane

Color Features

This rich shade has a positive effect on a person. With its help, you can easily improve your mood, even create a festive mood in your soul. At the same time, the eggplant color is designed to restrain excessive emotions and, accordingly, calm.

Therefore, you need to wear clothes of this shade with pleasure:

  • When you're in a bad mood.
  • When I got up on the wrong foot.
  • When you want a holiday.
  • When emotions go over the edge.

Hat for a red or burgundy down jacket

Bright, juicy and beautiful color! The choice of hat depends on what goal you want to achieve. If you “mute”, calm down your image, then choose:

  1. grey,
  2. beige,
  3. burgundy,
  4. brown,
  5. black.

If you want to add even more drive, then give preference to:

  1. yellow,
  2. blue,
  3. blue,
  4. purple
  5. yak-green color.

Eggplant color in clothes: who suits it?

The eggplant color (the photo proves this) suits many. It always looks interesting, if, of course, the items and their style are chosen correctly to fit the figure. A girl with any color type, hair shade, even body type can afford to wear eggplant clothes. The exception is white-skinned blondes. If the shade is too saturated, the skin will become excessively pale and take on an unhealthy appearance.

This shade looks great in a variety of styles:

  • Businesslike.
  • Romantic.
  • Evening.
  • Vintage.
  • Gothic.

With it you can create an aura of mystery. You just need to choose the right shade correctly. The lighter the skin, the cooler the eggplant should be. On the contrary, dark-skinned people can safely wear rich, bright shades of this color. Red-haired beauties should choose eggplant clothes if their skin is porcelain (has a very light and delicate tone). For blondes with gray and blue eyes, it is preferable to choose delicate eggplant shades with a deviation towards pink.


To create a successful interior, it is not at all necessary to look for several partners for eggplant; it is permissible to hang companion wallpaper in various light shades of this color. By and large, this color can be used in a variety of rooms.

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Thoughtful design of a large bedroom

  • Eggplant-colored wallpaper is rarely used to decorate a living room. The use of this color is common in classic, luxurious styles, which have recently gone against fashion. Nevertheless, the juxtaposition of light purple flowers with gold and silver shades helps in creating a rich interior.
  • In the bedroom, eggplant-colored wallpaper is used in conjunction with white wallpaper. In this way, greater ease of perception of the room is achieved. Most often, eggplant is used on an accent wall, which, according to design rules, is located at the head of the bed. The remaining walls can be completely covered with white wallpaper. It is believed that bachelors decorate their bedrooms in this color, and married couples avoid it. Whether this is reliable or not is not known.
  • The color of eggplant is frankly not suitable for use in the kitchen, since it helps a person cope with the feeling of hunger. But in small quantities, for example, on a kitchen set or in the form of a pattern that covers wallpaper, it can well be used. This application allows you to create a more complete picture of the interior and add interesting details to it.
  • If you think that your child is a creative person, then in order to awaken this quality in him, you can try using light shades of eggplant to create an interior in the nursery. The color is more suitable for decorating a girl’s room, but in limited quantities it will also be appropriate in a boy’s bedroom.
  • In small rooms, such as a hallway, pantry, bathroom, toilet, wallpaper in this color will be more inappropriate. Try to choose something lighter and more suitable for these rooms.

Successful use of eggplant color in the kitchen

Any creative person can use eggplant colors correctly, select companion wallpaper and formulate a general vision and concept for the interior of a room, but it is better if he is a good designer. Contact a professional if you want to use eggplant color, but don't know how to do it correctly. In most cases, if arranged correctly, this color looks cool, which your friends will undoubtedly note.

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Cool shade

You can successfully combine the color of eggplant with other shades if you decide what type it belongs to. After all, grapes, pansies, even real eggplant in the garden are all completely its varieties. In the fashion world, it is customary to divide colors into warm and cool. This will help you choose the right combinations. So, if there are cold notes, then what color does eggplant go with in clothes? It could be:

  • light blue;
  • black;
  • white;
  • grey;
  • cream;
  • blue.

Hat for a black, gray or silver down jacket

Gray, black and all their shades belong to achromatic colors, which means they can be combined with absolutely any color. We advise you to choose a bright version of the hat so that the joyful shades will give you a good mood in cloudy autumn and winter.

Warm shade

Warm eggplant color - what color goes with clothes? The photo clearly shows that in this case you can safely select things in the following shades:

  • golden;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • brick;
  • cherry;
  • terracotta;
  • orange;
  • burgundy;
  • crimson;
  • green.

Hat for a lilac and purple down jacket

An unusual and interesting color with which you can create incredibly bright combinations. For example:

  • with all shades of pink,
  • shades of blue,
  • peach,
  • burgundy,
  • blue,
  • yellow,
  • creamy

Eggplant color in clothes: what to combine with? Rules for selecting accessories

The eggplant color is very bright and catchy. That is why you need to select accessories for it carefully. They should have neutral shades, but this rule does not always apply. Suitable items for eggplant-colored outfits:

  • brooches, straps, rings, earrings, scarves of the same color scheme;
  • For a bold look, bright yellow accessories are ideal;
  • you can consider fuchsia-colored shoes and jewelry;
  • Any metallic shade goes well with eggplant;
  • Leopard prints on accessories will help add extravagance to the image;
  • and if you want to look extraordinary, then you can always take an emerald bag and put on shoes of the same tone.

For girls, the best shoes to pair with eggplant-colored suits and dresses are classic pumps. It's better if they are the same shade. Young creatures can experiment with metallic elements on shoes.

Which hats should you not wear with a down jacket?

  • It is better not to wear a fur hat or hat with earflaps. Here, you understand, you will end up with either a homeless style, or just an outdated, irrelevant set.
  • Avoid hats with decorations in the “expensive and rich” style: incredible rhinestones, beads, bows and feathers - all this goes extremely poorly with modern down jackets.

We combine color in clothes with makeup

The eggplant shade carries notes of sexuality. And if you wear the right clothes, you'll also need some amazing makeup. Before you make it, you need to decide on a color palette. To do this, it is recommended to be guided by eye color:

  • green and gray - then makeup in pink and purple shades will come in handy;
  • brown - in this case it is advisable to choose flesh and silver tones.

Whatever the outfit, you should always be guided by the rule: “we place the emphasis either on the lips or on the eyes.” Hence there are 2 makeup options:

  1. It is necessary to draw an outline on the eyes. A black or very dark purple pencil is suitable for this. The upper contour should go into the arrow (how long it will be is up to the girl). The moving part of the eyelid should be covered with lilac shadows. You need to take several shades. In this case, the darkest one is applied from the outside and carefully shaded. If the eyes are deep-set, then at the inner corner you can apply shadows of a light shade (close to white). A pearl highlight is applied under the eyebrows on the outside of the eyes. Next, the eyelashes are covered with black mascara. To complete the makeup, apply mocha blush and light pink lipstick.
  2. Another makeup option combines purple and golden shades. First you need to apply shadows: purple on the eyelids and golden under the eyebrows. Next, we highlight the look with eyeliner or a special pencil. Depending on the color of your eyes, you need to choose its shade. Green-eyed beauties can choose a black or dark gray option. For blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls, a blue contour pencil or eyeliner would be ideal. To complete the makeup, cover your lips with golden-pink lipstick.

Hat for a green down jacket

Green is a great choice for winter clothing. It's not as boring as black or gray, but just as practical (doesn't get dirty as much as bright colors).

Suitable for him:

  1. beige,
  2. brown,
  3. yellow,
  4. orange,
  5. violet,
  6. peach,
  7. burgundy,
  8. turquoise,
  9. khaki,
  10. salad.

Fashionable look

The eggplant color (the photo proves this) is used in a wide variety of fashionable looks this season. With its help you can create an image for any occasion.

You can choose a dress for the office. This can be either a slightly fitted model with a flared skirt, or a sheath style (you can even have a peplum). For both cases, you should wear pumps on your feet. It is better to choose accessories as modest as possible. These could be small silver earrings or a metal chain. You can complement the look with a light silk scarf or a thick gray jacket.

You can dress bolder for a party. We put on a bandeau or corset in combination with a light multi-layered or chiffon skirt. We select extravagant accessories for this outfit: golden stiletto heels and a brown belt.

For walks and a romantic date, a light and small flowy dress with a high waist is suitable. You can replace this option with a blouse and pleated skirt. You should definitely choose suitable accessories for your outfit: snow-white beads, a beige handbag or clutch and golden shoes or sandals.

Eggplant color is considered universal. It suits everyone: slim, plump, tall and petite, sizzling brunettes and delicate blondes. With its help it is easy to create any image, from business to extravagant. Everyone can find a worthy use for it in clothing. That is why it has long been included in the basic and classic wardrobe of every person: be it a man or a woman.

Hat for a brown down jacket

Warm, pleasant and so practical brown. Many people love him. Moreover, there are a huge number of options suitable for it.

  1. Beige,
  2. blue,
  3. yellow,
  4. green,
  5. violet,
  6. red.

There are plenty to choose from!

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