Pink color in the interior: 10 delicate and bright combinations, as well as useful tips

Visitors to the Design Museum resource in this article will be invited to consider several works with color combinations of black and yellow, taken to create an elegant style and for the purpose of strong visual impact. Here, the classic color duo is taken to a whole new level by trading in various shades of yellow for the dazzling allure of gold.

Black and gold is a combination that dates back to Ancient Egypt, Constantinople and Rome. Of course, the pharaohs and Roman emperors used natural gold, and in order to save money, we use paint, wallpaper, and decorated tiles in interior decoration, which will give an equally impressive effect.

The black and gold blend combines sophistication with timeless beauty, elevating the opulence of the setting. This duo can be used in a variety of styles, ranging from modern to vintage and Victorian. Today's 15 captivating designs will try to teach you how to use a glamorous pair of colors to create an unbeatable atmosphere.

What shades are best to use?

We have collected the top 7 most successful combinations of pink with other colors in this video:
And now we will tell you about other options.

Powdery pink

This shade of pink was a huge hit last year and is still going strong today. Pood pink or a shade of dusty rose, as it is also called, can be used in wall decoration, furniture, and accessories. But, of course, you shouldn’t do everything at once. Monochrome dusty pink is still not the best option.

Photo: Instagram diana_balashova

Photo: Instagram scandi_with_love

Photo: Instagram voitovashusterer

Photo: Instagram voitovashusterer

Pink gold"

A popular color that made itself known along with the fashion for copper and brass. Rose “gold” is used as an accent in the interior - in lighting, furniture fittings, and plumbing fixtures.

Photo: Instagram dsnewlook

Photo: Instagram dsnewlook

Photo: Instagram diana_balashova

Photo: Instagram kv_interior_design

Photo: Instagram kv_interior_design

Bright crimson or fuchsia

Bright shades are also suitable for bold ideas. Professionals use them in accents: accessories or furniture. For example, they place a bright crimson sofa or armchair or complement the interior with decorative pillows.

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Features of gold color and who it suits

The golden hue is associated with the sun, light, and jewelry. In most situations, the tone evokes joyful emotions.

Gold is a mixture of yellow and orange. Interestingly, the word “golden” was registered in English around 1300 as a designation for the precious metal.

There are several shades of gold:

  • Pale gold is pale yellow and beige tones with a rich shine.
  • Yellow is the classic and most common option. A medium rich, shimmery tone that looks expensive.
  • Bright - has a deeper undertone than real gold.
  • Pink is the natural color of gold with a hint of copper. The shade is similar to the pale version - it has a faint tint and a bright shine.
  • Colored gold are shades that have green, peach and red undertones.
  • Dark gold is a mysterious and sophisticated shade that is reminiscent of retro style.

Gold is considered the color of health, optimism and vitality. It helps you relax. Symbolizes the shade of mutual love and forgiveness.

Gold is chosen by strong, independent and self-confident people. Those who are weak in spirit cannot cope with the strong energy of color, so they avoid it.

Gold Evening Dress: Pexels

Gold is considered a capricious, but at the same time universal color. It suits all women, but it is important not to go wrong with the shade. To look luxurious, choose tones that suit your color type:

  • Pink and yellow gold suit spring.
  • Summer chooses pale, pink, dark and colorful shades.
  • Autumn will highlight the appearance with bright and dark gold.
  • Winter looks great in clothes of yellow, colored, bright and dark gold.

Remember: gold can make you look fat, so before you put on such an outfit, consider your desires and body features.

Which ones should you be careful with?

Pink with blue

These are recognized “antipodes”, so you need to be extremely careful with their combination. An exception is the design of a children's room for children of different sexes. Only there it is really justified and looks successful.

Photo: Instagram love_scandi_kids

Photo: Instagram love_scandi_kids

Photo: Instagram love_scandi_kids

Pink with black

A bold mix, but not everyone can make interiors in such colors look vulgar. You can and should add wood and white tones.

Photo: Instagram scandi_with_love

Pink with orange

This combination is common in the oriental style and, perhaps, is justified only in this case. Today, oriental accents are very relevant, but it is important not to overdo it - add them in doses in textiles and patterns. For example, the option in the photo is rather an anti-standard.

Photo: Instagram formulakomforta40

Interior in gold color

Gold color in the interior, just like silver, can be used optionally on the walls, and you can also use it in additions. Shimmering gold flecked walls reflect more light than walls coated with regular paint.

Artificial wall lighting against the background of a golden wall looks phenomenal - the light spreads softly along the plane of the walls and creates a friendly atmosphere in the interior. Depending on the angle of view and time of day, the golden wall looks different each time and takes on different shades. Thanks to this, the entire atmosphere acquires depth and is unique.

Golden walls in the interior will not go unnoticed - that's for sure. Depending on the finish you choose, it can shine against a muted composition, defining its character and creating an undeniable style. Gold, although considered too expressive and extravagant, can also only be a backdrop for interior design.

By choosing gold walls, you give them a design edge, providing the perfect backdrop for your interior decoration. Then choose simple pieces of furniture in a minimalist style that will perfectly harmonize with our gold color.

Scope of application and characteristics of the metal

The noble metal is used in industry, dentistry, is used by banks and large companies and is in reserve in countries around the world, as well as in the jewelry industry.

Gold in its pure form has the properties of ductility, softness, malleability, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

Characteristic quality - does not react with the environment, easily combines (alloy) with other metals, due to its increased density.

These advantages have made it possible to be the leader and the most desirable world-class metal. But for the jewelry industry, working with gold in its pure form is rare. Jewelers use gold not in its pure form, but in the form of an alloy with other metals.


It is important to follow the rules of care for the achieved shine, as it may fade or fade without it.

Golden hair, in order to maintain its shimmer and sparkle, must remain in a healthy, nourished state.

To do this you need:

  • Wash the scalp and bulbs with a special shampoo for colored hair;
  • Before using thermal devices, protect your hair from temperature effects;
  • Stock up on nourishing masks, conditioners, mousses, tonics or balms.

The noble radiance of a golden jewel can truly dazzle with its beauty. But to maintain this rich overflow, additional funds are required, monitoring the condition of the tips, roots, their structure and healthy condition.

What should you pay attention to?

Wall decoration with gold can be done in different ways.

Wallpapering is the simplest solution. But you need to remember that along with the golden color they have a variety of designs - geometric shapes, floral patterns, stripes. Any of these methods, combined with a lighter base background, makes the room visually more spacious.

A simple finishing solution - wallpapering

But it is not necessary to cover the walls in the room with wallpaper. There are other options, for example, plasterboard tiles with pollination, tiles with a “stone” finish.

You don’t have to cover the entire room with golden wallpaper, but rather focus on a specific detail. This will give the room rigor and proportionality.

Whatever the design of the room, gold should occupy no more than 1/3 of the space. Otherwise the room will look pretentious.

It is not necessary to cover all the walls with gold.

When decorating walls with gold, you need to remember some features:

  • When planning to decorate a large room, it is best to make a bright accent with paintings and mirrors in gold frames on the walls.
  • If the walls of the room are made in golden shades, then all other details should be neutral tones.
  • It is better to choose furniture for such a room in white or gray, plain curtains and a minimum number of details.
  • Warm gold can visually make a room smaller, so this shade should not be used in small rooms.
  • When deciding on the choice of “golden” wallpaper, it is better to focus on options with strict geometric patterns or vertical lines. Monograms will look pompous, and hieroglyphs are more from a series of oriental motifs.
  • A combination of glossy and matte textures of gold tones should be avoided.

Photo wallpaper with golden drops

Advice An excess of gold can ruin the interior, so you need to use this shade for walls carefully.

Interior in golden style

Golden shades can become the basis in design. Light golden wallpaper in the interior will look fresh if you cover not only the walls, but also the ceiling, then the living room will become warm, cozy tones. But do not forget contrasting dark tones - blue, purple, blue, green-brown, black, which harmoniously combine with each other, are suitable for this.
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