Botswana agate - reliable protection against energy vampires

Botswana agate is one of the most beautiful stones. It costs much more than its usual “relatives”, but not a single person will regret such a purchase after acquiring it. It can be found in decorative elements of exquisite rooms and in jewelry. Like ordinary agates that appeared in the Neolithic era, Botswana “stripe” is a fine-fiber chalcedony. It has a layered texture, a surface with a characteristic shine and can have different shades: from grayish to pink.


The mineral is named after the place where it was first discovered and where it was mined. Its deposits were discovered in 1971 in the vicinity of the city of Babanong in Botswana.

Botswana is a country in the very south of the African continent. Two thirds of its territory is occupied by the Kalahari Desert. Its sands still offer magnificent pebbles today.

African sorcerers say that this stone is the eye of an eagle. According to legend, an eagle and a magician went out to duel. The eagle flew away, but not far. The wizard cast a spell, after which the bird turned to stone. Having fallen, she broke into a million pieces.

Today, pebbles are found in agglomerates of siliceous volcanic rocks.

The poetic name of agate is the stone of dawn. Its delicate pink color is truly similar to the shades of the early morning sky.


Botswana agate is a translucent or translucent stone. Its surface is heterogeneous, but the pattern is visible implicitly. Colors – gray, pink, their combinations and shades.

Unlike other varieties of agate, Botswana is not "improved". Colors are the main factor by which a mineral is identified.

Stone processing involves only light polishing of the surface.

Agates of other colors found in this country are also called Botswana. For example, trade offers peach or apricot agate from Botswana. But this is a different variety, and the stone is called Botswana after the place of discovery (the state of Botswana).

Only gray or pink specimens are Botswana agates.

Distinctive Features of Botswana Agate

If you have ever held an agate of this rare breed in your hands, you will probably find it difficult to say what color it was. The fact is that striped agate can have one prevailing shade, and the rest harmoniously complement it. Stripes and concentric patterns create a unique pattern that runs right through the mineral.

Sometimes a specimen that is unremarkable at first glance reveals all its beauty if it is divided into two parts. On one section you can see an unreal landscape, and on the other - an abstract drawing with cosmic motifs.

Botswana agate shade palette:

  • pink;
  • white;
  • ultramarine;
  • peach;
  • lilac;
  • mustard;
  • woody;
  • beige.

Physico-chemical characteristics

For a mineralogist, Botswana agate is a silicate of igneous origin. It has a simple composition and short formula.

FormulaVolcanic silica – SiO2
ColorThe whole palette (White, grey, blue, yellow, red, black). Characteristic banded zoning of flowers
Stroke colorWhite
Transparencytranslucent or opaque
Kinkuneven, conchoidal
Density2.6 g/cm³

Areas of use

Botswana agate is classified as semi-precious. But thanks to its rarity, it has found application in the luxury sector:

This is a coveted specimen in any mineralogical collection.

How to identify a fake

The Botswana variety is perhaps the only agate that is sought to be counterfeited.

You can distinguish imitation in several ways:

  • Botswana agate cannot be scratched or damaged by a needle. Only the applied polish can be damaged.
  • There is no monochromatic Botswana.
  • The colors of natural stone are delicate and gentle. The imitation usually looks flashy and bright.

A real stone placed in water for several hours will not fade or lose its shine. And the water will not be colored in any way.

Who is it suitable for?

  • It is believed that Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Botswana agate must be worn. He will reveal the best character traits of these signs, help them believe in themselves and gain determination for new achievements. Bestowing peace and harmony, the stone protects well from the evil eye.
  • For newborn babies, amulets in the form of a white striped mineral are placed in the crib to improve sleep. But for girls, to protect themselves from evil, gossip and envy, you can buy cute earrings with milky Botswana stone.
  • Moon, Venus and Mercury, which rule over pearl-colored stone, have the ability to protect against deception and also win lawsuits. Bostwana agate is always on the side of truth and justice. If it is acquired by a fraudster, a person with evil thoughts, the stone can harm him. This is especially true for gray minerals. It will instantly turn all its power against the owner, damage the aura and can cause illness.
  • Taupe agate from Botswana is a stone for business people seeking to achieve heights in their careers.

They say that the mineral can suit any sign of the Zodiac, the main thing is that the person is good, and it makes no difference for agate whether he is Scorpio or Virgo. There is some truth in this, although it happens that the amulet may simply not suit you.

How can I check this? Just squeeze the pebble in your palm for 15-20 minutes. If it warms up slightly, your energy exchange has begun - the mineral is suitable for you; If it remains icy, it’s better not to buy it.

Another way: take the agate with you to bed, put it under your pillow and... dream. It happens that “princes” and “princesses” on such a “pea” sleep very anxiously and have terrible dreams. If you slept well, and in the morning you remembered what pleasant things you dreamed about, this is a gift from Botswana agate. There will be dozens more such gifts, but remember that not only the stone is obliged to take care of you, but now you must also take care of it.

How to wear and care

Like other types of agate, the Botswana variety is unpretentious. But it’s expensive, so it makes sense to take good care of the stone:

  1. For the products there is a separate, soft inside box.
  2. Protect from falls, shocks, and mechanical impacts of any kind.
  3. The stone does not like heat, direct sun, temperature changes, or high humidity.
  4. It is enough to clean every week with a dry or slightly moistened cloth. To keep the surface beautiful, water is used as a last resort. Water procedures do not take too long; after them, the stone is immediately wiped dry.

If Botswana agate is used as a magical or healing artifact, it is given a “rest” one day of the week. That is, they are not taken out of the box.

Jewelry with delicately colored stones can be worn in sets. Even if it's large beads or a bracelet.

Features of stone care

Since the main task of Botswana stone is to absorb negative energy, it should be in the most visible place at home. If you wear the stone regularly, you need to give it a rest once every seven days, putting it in a dark and secluded place - for example, in a box or a specially designated container. It is better to put a velvet cloth inside to prevent scratches on the stone.

Periodically it is necessary to rinse the product or pebble under running warm water. This will help cleanse it. After contact with water, you need to wipe the mineral with a dry and soft cloth.

Botswana agate is a rare representative of chalcedony, each of which has a unique color shade and unique pattern. If you look closely, you can independently unravel its meaning or the message addressed by the universe especially to you.


Botswana agate is the most expensive in its family. You can buy any types of jewelry, but they are not cheap (price / rub.):

  • pendant (65 mm, on a leather cord) – 2,500;
  • beads (8 – 10 mm) – 23-34.

To avoid purchasing a fake, you should contact trusted sellers. And remember: there is no such thing as too much Botswana.

Compatibility with other stones

This agate goes well with earth element stones or water minerals.

It can be safely combined with jasper, jade, and lapis lazuli. Peridot, opal, and aventurine will be an excellent addition to the gem.

Botswana agate is strictly forbidden to be combined with stones that belong to the element of Fire. These include garnet, pyrope, coral, and diamond. Also, you should not combine a gem with a ruby.

The mineral can be combined with other stones.

Therapeutic effect

Lithotherapists have identified the spectrum of therapeutic effects of Botswana agate:

  1. Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Helps overcome tobacco cravings. For this purpose, the rough stone is worn as a pendant or in the breast pocket.
  3. Drinking the water in which the stone was placed speeds up metabolism, promoting weight loss. This property is equally valuable for women and men.
  4. Massage with a Botswana agate roller normalizes blood circulation, relieves cramps, and relieves muscle tension.

Banded agate is classified as a stone with feminine energy. But its healing capabilities are also suitable for men. For example, to increase potency.

Compatibility with Zodiac signs

Astrologers believe that Botswana agate is best suited for the following zodiac signs:

  • Taurus;
  • Cancer;
  • Gemini.

The stone helps Taurus achieve a strong financial position and makes them more tolerant of other people. Cancers will gain confidence in their abilities, and Gemini will get rid of unnecessary doubts and begin to develop their potential in the right direction.

The mineral is unique in that it can be worn not only by Gemini, Cancer and Taurus, but also by all other signs of the Zodiac. Before wearing, you need to check your individual compatibility with the mineral. It's very easy to do. If you are in a jewelry store or at a show and are about to purchase a piece of jewelry or an individual stone, take the one you like best and hold it in your palm for 10-15 minutes. If the pebble heats up slightly and you experience a pleasant feeling of warmth, you can buy it without fear. If you feel discomfort, it is better to immediately refuse the purchase and try to choose another mineral.

There is another way to check a pebble for individual compatibility. If possible, place it under your pillow before going to bed. If you wake up the next morning in a good mood and remember the pleasant dreams that visited you, Botswana agate is ideal for you.

Magic properties

African sorcerers and European esotericists agreed on the magical properties of Botswana agate:

  • Activates mental abilities.
  • Makes a person an intuitive, sometimes even clairvoyant.
  • Suitable for meditation sessions.

The magic of the stone helps you make a career and become financially successful.

  • Absorbs external negativity, transforms it into positive and transfers it to the owner of the talisman.
  • Makes him a speaker capable of winning over even his enemies.

The home amulet stone is placed in the most visible place.

The type of decoration also matters:

  • Botswana agate ring gives men sexual attractiveness in the eyes of ladies.
  • Girls will be protected from gossip and envious people by earrings with pink Botswana agate.

However, Bostwana of gray shades honors only justice, honesty, and truth. A fraudster or someone trying to harm a neighbor will receive a retaliatory blow in the form of bad luck or illness.


Botswana agate is used in the jewelry industry for making jewelry, as well as decorative items for home decoration: figurines, bowls, vases. Amulets and talismans are carved from Botswana.

Due to its special strength and resistance to acids and other reagents, Botswana is used for the production of tableware in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. More often than not, jewelers do not even process it, so as not to spoil its original beauty.

Botswana agate - paired amulet

Magic properties

The volcanic nature of the stone endowed it with strong energy. In all centuries, healers and sorcerers have used Botswana agate magic for healing and witchcraft. We recommend: TALC - for the body and more

  • The ancient Egyptians considered it a fertility stone; in medieval Europe, the mineral was a symbol of health and financial wealth; in India it symbolized well-being.
  • From the depths of centuries comes the belief that Botswana agate helps in career advancement, makes indecisive people bold, and balances the energies of yin and yang in combination with purple crystals.
  • The mineral gives energy to life, awakens the mind and enhances intuition. Placed on your desktop or near your computer, it will help you work efficiently.
  • There is a belief that the talisman protects against energy vampires and helps in uncovering deception.

Volcanic origin gives Botswana powerful energy

Medicinal properties

In addition to its magical properties, the gem is also valued for its medicinal qualities:

  • ring on the middle finger – relieves nervous conditions, insomnia,
  • improves potency:
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improves vision and hearing;
  • helps to quit smoking if you wear a Botswana on a string in the chest area;
  • Stone massage will relieve depression and normalize blood circulation;
  • will help with cough, sore throat, nerves, intestinal problems, skin ailments, renal colic.

Bracelet with Botswana, 34 USD

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